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Your designer handbag is a fashionable statement that deserves to be preserved. Here you can find out how you can keep you fresh over the years.


1. Keep it sparkling

Give your handbag a little love and care, because every material has its own requirements. On the official website of the designer brand, look at how you can clean your handbag (mostly you will find it in the "Questions and Answers" section) - regardless of whether it consists of leather or nylon. If you are unsure or fear that you are more harm than good to do, just leave the cleaning to the professionals of a cleaning service. They keep their back free!

2. keep his attitude

To the shape of your Bag To be preserved and avoiding the dreaded passage, carefully fill them with paper handkerchiefs, a soft, rolled up sweater or a filling specially made for this purpose. In this way, your handbag keeps your structure and looks like new with every use.








"Life is better with a bag in your hand, and even more beautiful with a wall of appreciation for each one."


3. Rapid action is the key.

If you discover a stain on the inside of your designer bag, you have to act immediately so that the stain does not spread. These common practices often help:

To remove frequent stains on pockets, dab the stains of food and drinks with a clean cloth. Use a damp cloth with mild dishwashing detergent for gentle circular movements, then rinse it out and dab it dry. Dab carefully with an ink stains with a cotton swab with cleaning alcohol and avoid excessive rubbing. Fat or oil stains? Sprinkle with cornstarch, let it work for 15-20 minutes and then brush off. Water stains have to be dabbed and the Bag be stuffed with towels to absorb the moisture. These solutions are generally effective, but the results can depending on the material of the Bag vary. Always test first in an inconspicuous place.

If you notice a small scratch on your designer piece, you should act quickly so that it does not become bigger and causes further damage. Clean the scratch with a soft cloth and mild soap and then apply a thin layer of a protective layer, e.g. B. nail polish or leather care product. Carefully change with your object and avoid using it in situations in which it could be scratched. If the scratch worsens, let it repair it by a specialist.

4. Protect your handbag from damage.

Pay attention to sharp objects and sensitive fittings - keep yours Bag Safe and good. Treat them gently, like a good friend! Put in a cute handbag lining to keep spilled and stains in chess - and there is an end to liquid adventures in your handbag!







Handbags are like friends: you can wear out over time, but your value only increases with the stories you tell.


5. Storage

Keep your Bag on a shelf or in a place where you are not exposed to an unfavorable weather conditions such as direct sunlight, rain and excessive moisture that can damage the material over time. use Dustbag or cotton cushion covers to your Bag to keep dust -free. Avoid the Bag To put on the floor and hang on the handle, as it can deform the shape and break the handle.

Remember: preventive care is better than repair! Protect the fittings of your bags so that you can keep your new look for a long time and carry out an inspection after use.

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