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Christian Dior 1954 / Photo by Meomeo15 on Wikicommons
Christian Dior in 1954. Maybe he is just signing a lucrative, new license agreement? / Photo by Meomeo15 On Wikicommons

In this Secondhandbags We present blog articles to designer Christian Dior and the company, which still bears its name today. We take a look at Dior's time and the Paris jet set, including agents!

Christian Dior and the New Look

Christian Dior is probably one of the most dazzling personalities of the fashion world of the last century, he was The most famous and most influential couturier in the world during its time. With his personality, fashion innovations such as the "New look" Associated, which made fresh and feminine the post -war period lived and forgotten hard years. Christian Dior regularly designed new lines that let the fun of fashion germinate again and delighted women and men. His lines were inspired by a new basic form every season, so Dior stated Over the years, among other things, the flowers', dome, lily of the valley, pencil and A, H and Y lines, among other things Wealthy customers followed his fashionably seductive reputation. In contrast to Chanel’s often sporty feminine fashion, Dior’s designs were often quite difficult and the clothes still thought more for special occasions. An innovation of convenience also goes back to Dior: A hidden walking fold, today likes to be called Dior fold, brought more freedom and freedom of movement in the hem area of ​​skirts and clothes. Dior was said meticulous license tracked and also to have registered your own patents. Dior Parfüms were available early beyond the national borders, which could come from a not so distant production facility.

Dior Dress 1954 / Photo by Flickreviewr on Wikicommons
Green Dior evening dress from 1954. / Photo by Flickreviewr on Wikicommons
Dior Dress 1955 / Photo by Cszmurlo on Wikicommons
Dior dress from 1955. The dress was part of the photo series "Dovima with elephants" by Richard Avedon. / Photo by Cszmurlo on Wikicommons

From the diplomat to the designer

Christian Dior was in Granville in 1905, France born. From a wealthy house it was possible for him to Diplomatic training to enjoy. His interest, on the other hand, originally applied to architecture and he drew a lot as a child. At a young age he opened one with a friend Art gallery, who had to close again after three years, also because of the economic crisis. Well, even without the previous support of his family, he made it Fashion drawings and was discontinued by the designer Robert Piguet in 1937.

Some of our most beautiful Dior Highlights:

When Dior was offered in 1946, with the help of a wealthy textile manufacturer and his Almost CHF 60 million a new Parisian couture house To found, he took the chance and started the company Christian Dior, which is still known today. Dior was originally offered to continue an existing Paris fashion house, whereas he successfully prevailed and from then on could advertise his designs under his own name.

Agents in Paris!

Now it will be exciting. Christian Dior is said to have one of his first dresses in 1939 Aimée Lopes de Sot-Maior, later after another marriage Aimée de Heeren, have sold. Born in Brazilian, she was known as a jet better in the haute society of her time. She spoke fluent German, English, French and of course Spanish And knew how to inspire her environment. Only a few knew that she actually circulated in the service of the Brazilian government as an agent and should ensure that political information came home from great value. 

Already in 1934 Aimée was traveling in Europe And had collected information about political developments. Now it was time to hook up again and to inspire the Parisian life as a style icon. She lived a life in the spotlight And as a secret agent, had a free account covered by the Brazilian state. She was in direct, confidential contact with the then Brazilian President Getúlio Vargas, with whose chief of Staff she was also married. Already in Brazil, she and her sister were upgraded by the public, whether a scandal was contributing to their distant and long trips, is still the country of rumors.

Christian Dior was also part of the illustrious society with stars and asterisks. Unfortunately, all of this happened shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War in France, which had far -reaching consequences for everyone and Christian Dior also snatched his dreams for a while. Still was already Published a picture in the Vogue in 1939, which icon Aimée showed with a dress from his pen.

Dior Dress 1954 Photo by Mabalu on Wikicommons
Dior dress with blue embroidery from 1954. / Photo by Mabalu on Wikicommons
Dior Dress 1954 2 Photo by Mabalu on Wikicommons
The dress was considered by Christian Dior with the name "Nuit d'Espagne". / Photo by Mabalu on Wikicommons

Diamet gloss in the spotlight

The former editor-in-chief of the American Vogue and a friend of Coco Chanel, Bettina Ballard, also remembered Aimée Lopes de Sot-Maior in her memoirs and confirms the effect that she spread. Their beauty was emphasized by the shine of the diamonds worn. Anyone who gave something to themselves had them with one of the illustrious Paris Inner Circle parties. She always surrounded a distant elegance and it was invited to all kinds of fashion fittings, floating from Event to Event. In 1941, perhaps even wrong, she was chosen 3rd in third place in the top 10 of the best dressed people. 

This page gives a private and extensive overview from the perspective of a close friend and documented The 103-year life of Aimée de Sot-Maior With pictures and detailed memories of encounters. She remained a welcome guest on balls, birthdays, anniversaries and coronation ceremonies for her life and continued to maintain close contact in the best circles. The Kennedy brothers are said to have always been delighted when they traveled to Palm Beach.

On a Paris pre -war evening, the last circus ball in Versailles before the German invasion, a acquaintance of a great impact for Christian Dior on the part of Aimée’s. When, during the event Coco Chanel Aimée, the textile manufacturer Marcel Boussac, despite Dior's absence on the same evening, she was able to report that a certain Christian Dior was responsible for this dress, but at that time still in the service of the designer Robert, born in Switzerland Piguet. It should be almost 10 years later on this evening, which, with his capital and his fascination for the seen Christian Dior, helped to independence and world fame with his capital and fascination.

Christian Dior always drew against a simple "Tian". / Photo by the Archives Nationales de France on Wikicommons
Christian Dior always drew against a simple "Tian". / Photo by the Archives Nationales de France on Wikicommons

The end of the war, new hope

After his military service during the war Christian Dior returned to Paris in 1942 And designed for the fashion house Lucien Lelong. The company was one of the few Paris couture houses that remained open during the Second World War and also beyond the national borders, also supplied to Germany, and thus remained in contact with the regime. And could also collect information about these women. During this time he met Pierre Balmain, with which he worked together on new designs. His sister was detained in a camp for her efforts in the Résistance resistance movement until the end of the war. Christian Dior dedicated his first perfume “Miss Dior” to his sister.

Dior’s story is full of anecdotes. He won many prices for his fashion over the years, including one Academy Award during their 27th performance in 1955 For the film “Terminal Station” with Jennifer Jones and Montgomery Clift in the leading roles. Christian Dior died unexpectedly in 1957 during a vacation in Italy and probably early in the age of 52 at the age of 52. Dior was considered a reserved, shy, modest man who mostly felt uncomfortable on public occasions in society. During his funeral, several thousand friends and followers were present in his fashionable spirit.

Some of our most beautiful Dior Highlights:

The company Christian Dior later

Recent ideas of the house also include fashion classics such as the pockets of the Lady Dior series by Gianfranco Ferré from 1994, the Dior Saddle Bags Since the millennium by John Galliano and that Oblique pattern, which as early as 1969 made his debut on a handbag and was designed by Marc Bohan. In the first years of designer Pierre Cardin for Christian Dior, who later shaped the fashionable space age of the 60’s with futuristic ideas. After the death of Christian Dior’s in 1957, his assistant took over Yves Saint Laurent The administration. The company can look back on a long past, the company was founded on December 16, 1946.

The designs of the past few years live the modern spirit of the house with honor. Under the creative direction of Maria Grazia Chiuri have been in recent years Collections were created that offer an exciting, multicultural -inspired sight and will be felt your personal touch. A look at the Official Dior YouTube Channel Allows an overview of the shows themselves and also that Behind The Scenes Material of Channel’s accompanying the shows is a real joy for friends of fashion and design. Previously, Chiuri was long for the fashion houses Fendi and Valentino employed.

We are happy to give a deeper insight into the history of the company at a later time and let a bomb burst again! :)

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