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In 1995, on the occasion of the opening of the Paul-Cézanne retrospective, the first lady France's princess Diana gave a diorBag called "Chouchou", which was designed by Gianfranco Ferre. The accessory is said to have quickly become one of Princess Diana's favorite pieces, which she accompanied on her excursions, so much that she wanted a naval plane version that should fit her eyes. She was several times with the Bag seen, which not only led to the Bag was associated, but also to a rapid increase in popularity and desire among handbag lovers and those who were able to identify with their style, which ultimately renamed the name of the Bag led that was inspired by her. This was the birth of the Lady-Dior handbag.

Pexel's image by Mathias Reding

1. It's a classic

The handbag impresses with its charming design, which connects graceful lines with a hint of simple but undeniable charm. This modern and classic combination of sophisticated details is a real eye -catcher and embodies a long -lasting fashionable essence that goes back to 1995. 


2. Signature of Charms

The gold or silver-colored Tag With the letters D, I, O, Rthat hang on the handles of the handbag are not only decorative elements, but also a symbol of the legacy of the brand and the pursuit of luxury. These subtle but effective Tag lend the overall design of the Bag A touch of playfulness and offer a perfect balance between noble elegance and a touch of mood.

3. Masterful craftsmanship

We can't go through that Bag speak without appreciating the incredible technology with which each individual piece is produced. The artistry and dedication of the artisans can be seen in every stab and detail. With astonishing 7 to 8 hours, that for the production of a single Bag It is obvious that the Lady Dior handbag is more than just an accessory - it is a masterpiece.

Image by Secondhandbags

4. Versatile size offer

No matter whether you are a small but efficient one Bag For your cell phone and keys or a more spacious variant for all your important things, the collection offers the perfect size for everyone. The collection includes the enchanting mini up to the spacious large, which is suitable for a variety of needs and occasions. The pockets are also offered in a variety of colors and materials, from luxurious lamb leather to a sophisticated ultra mat and from classic black to bright purple. For those who are looking for a departure from traditional aesthetics, the bags also offer a variety of prints such as patchwork for a chic and bold style.


5. Tradition reinterpreted

The brand is devoted to the continuous revival of the Bagwithout neglecting the authentic essence that makes it a coveted masterpiece. One of the renewed iterations is that Lady Dior My Abcdiorthat offers the possibility that Bag to personalize with the letters of your choice with up to six (alphabetical) badges, Mitzah scarves or Dior Tribal-ear-earrings.

Dior describes the Lady Dior "as the excellence of the house and as an object of art and desire". For this reason, Dior has the project "Dior Lady Art"launched, an initiative that the Lady Dior Bag reinterpreted as a unique artistic creation. This project, which has been running for 7 years, creates bold interpretations that the iconic Bag transform into true works of art. If you follow the link to the official YouTube page of the brand, you can see a selection of these distinctive designs created by various creative minds.

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