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Celine is an estimated luxury brand that is known for her constant elegance, her feminine minimalism, her impeccable craftsmanship and her unshakable attention to detail. Although it is one of the top names in the opulent fashion industry today, it has a remarkable journey through different epochs, each of which has left an indelible trace in the identity of the brand. Let's make a foray through the changing history of the brand and we discover the astonishing development of this iconic fashion house. The history of the brand is a mixture of innovation and persistent fascination.

Image from unsplash by Iuliia Isakova

Where the story started:

Celine and Richard Vipiana founded Celine in 1945, but the brand did not start as the luxury brand when we know it today, but as a boutique for children's shoes. In the 1960s, the brand carried out a remarkable change and re-positioned itself as a clothing fashion label with a focus on women's clothing. This was an important milestone because they added couture sports clothing as an outstanding feature in their collection.

Ms. Vipiana passionately steered the development of the brand over the years as a brilliant designer, until she died in 1997 at the age of 84 and shaped the brand's DNA.

In 1996, the brand was officially integrated into the renowned LVMH group, which was founded by Bernard Arnault, who invested in the brand's capital in 1987.

The era Michael Kors (1997 - 2004)

Michael Kors' term as creative director of Celine was a time of change when he redefined the aesthetics of the brand with a perfect mix of contemporary charm and sporty dynamics. Cors, which is known for its visionary approach to the design, introduced a fresh and modern interpretation of the female glamor.

He put together an extraordinary handbag collection, which immediately caused a sensation and conquered the hearts of all breastfeeding lovers. Among these treasured, one Bag As an absolute icon - the legendary "Boogie Bag". With this masterpiece, he demonstrated his ingenuity by combining chic sophistication with sporty elements. The shapely lines, the chunky elements and the practical short handles made them effortlessly and practical for everyday use. Thanks to her versatility, she seamlessly fit into every outfit, regardless of whether it was a casual ensemble or a appearance on the red carpet. In 2004 Michael separated from the brand to concentrate on his own brand.


The Phoebe Philo era (2008 - 2018):

The arrival of Phoebe Philo as the new creative director in 2008 marked a turning point in the history of the brand. Philo's unique and refreshing vision redefined the aesthetics of the brand and breathed new life into her identity. After the brand had experienced a phase of uncertainty after the departure of Kors, Philo's appointment was an urgently needed impulse, and it quickly became a synonym for reviving the brand.

Philo introduced a series of iconic handbags that underlined the distinctive chic and minimalist approach of the brand and laid the foundation for the resurrection of Celine as a luxurious and stylish power pack.

She designed and produced the following pockets:

The luggage Bag: The handbag known for its striking and structured silhouette was paired with a minimalist design, which offers a mixture of style and functionality with a spacious interior, playful details and the ability to easily switch from day to the evening. This Bag There are in a variety of colors and leather types, from crocodile to Python.

The Classic Box Bag: This Bag quickly became an indispensable addition to any demanding wardrobe. Known for its simple, box -shaped silhouette and the minimal details, it is an investment that withstands the constantly changing fashion trends. Unfortunately the Bag recently set, but you can still find them on the second-hand market, like us. Click here to Classic box Bag to buy.


The trapezoidal bag: By combining elements of the classic Tote With a striking trapezoidal silhouette, the Bag effortless functionality with timeless high fashion. The Bag consists of unique, expandable, winged sides, a front flap with a minimalist, square closure and an outside pocket on the back. The simple design can upgrade any outfit. This Bag is usually available in a number of veal leather species.

The Belt Bag: The trendy Bag Has a slim and streamlined design with a single upper handle with a "belt knot" on the front and a front flap that is usually hidden behind the belt and can be closed with a hook. She also has a removable belt strap. It is available in veal leather, python and crocodile.

Philo's ability to provide these handbags with clear lines and subtle branding has consolidated its status as coveted pieces that have been withstanding the test of the time. By reviving Celine's relevance on the luxury market, she strengthened her legacy as one of the most influential creative directors in the history of the brand.


The era Hedi Slimane (2018 - today):

When Hedi Slimane took over the office of artistic, creative and image director, this meant a bold departure from the previous aesthetics and heralded an angular and electrifying era inspired by indie rock and youth culture. With his pronounced creative direction, Slimane Celine masterfully reinvented and not only captivated a new "Tikok" generation of fashion fans, but also introduced a sought-after men's fashion line that further increases the attractiveness of the brand.

The Celine LE 16 Bag: The Celine LE 16 BAG is a true masterpiece with references from the 1960s and a tribute to the Parisian legacy of the brand. The name is derived from the Parisian address of Maison de Couture, 16 Rue Vivienne. It has a handle on the top, a refined and detailed rollover, a slim and elegant body with a striking golden or silver rotation (depending on the color or material of the Bag) that bears the iconic name of the brand. The Bag is available in veal leather, crocodile leather or lizard leather.

The triomph Bag: The triomphe designed in 2018 Bag is known for its smooth, slim body, its fine lines and its outstanding feature-the triomph, which consists of a mirrored double-C magnetic closure. The design of the motif goes back to the 1970s and was originally designed by the founder of the brand Céline Vipiana. Slimane's decision that Bag Not only does the triomph motif to be used to celebrate the brand's long-standing legacy, but also give the handbag a vintage feeling with a modern touch.


The Celine C Bag: The breathtaking Celine C was first presented at the 2019 summer/spring show. The handbag is characterized by a slim silhouette with a rollover on the front and a brass version of the "C" pressure closure characteristic of the brand and a shoulder strap made of chain. The Bag is available in different materials such as leather, quilted veal leather, Lizzard, to name just a few.


Celine or Celine?

Are you curious whether it is called Celine or Celine? It is now called Celine, whereby the accent was removed from the "E". This bold redesign of the logo under the direction of Hedi Slimane symbolizes the change that has led the fashion house into a new era of modernity and artistic freedom. Under Slimane's leadership, the luxury brand is at the top of the innovation and embodies a feeling of boldness and individuality. He continues to confirm the brand as a pioneer in the groundbreaking, constantly developed landscape of luxury fashion.

If you review Celine's path, it becomes clear that every creative director has played a crucial role in the success of the brand. From Michael Kors' modern femininity to Phoebe Philo's chic minimalism to Hedi Slimanes cantile rebellion - they all left indelible traces and have remained true to the essence of the brand: clear looks, minimal hardware, clear lines and the finest materials.

We would like to know which era is your favorite.

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