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SHB x azado grill
The measure of all things: azado's Grill 55K has been luxuriously restyled with details in genuine Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas and Vachetta leather! / Photo by azado

How do you take a grill to the highest level in terms of design and trend? In the context of a project of the Swiss grill manufacturer "azado" exactly this question was illuminated and one of the best models of the house was provided with details of canvas and leather of the French traditional company Louis Vuitton. As a basis for the "azado 55K" served, in addition to the grill model "el maestro", a Louis Vuitton Keepall in size 55 from the year 1989. The canvas of such bags forgives much over the years of intimate love, the leather sometimes becomes brittle and the hardware dull. In exactly such a, slowly somewhat questionable. Condition was the bag made by Secondhandbags provided Louis Vuitton Keepall 55. To be able to step out of the shadow of unwearability, this project was probably also for the Bag itself an excellent opportunity to be allowed to find a new task after years of travel and effort!

In a charming vintage Condition with a light tan complexion we carry these bags of course! Still in their original form as Bag the popular models from Louis Vuitton's Keepall range look like this:

Some of our Louis Vuitton Keepall classics:

Now for the grill! The canvas of the Bag was ultimately used to adorn the hose, handles, and shelf of the gas grill with a sturdy, hand-stitched cover. The design of the "azado 55K" from St. Gallen is also reminiscent of azado's first prototype from 2010. The legacy is proudly carried on by the "el maestro" model to this dayDetails of monogram canvas and leather now harmoniously complete the picture in the still of the popular bags. The Louis Vuitton luggage tag of the Bag was allowed to keep its shape and floats above everything. The details underline the valuable material appearance of the grill very nice.

azado x SHB: The shine is in the detail!

azado x SHB Details 1
A hose in a new dress! / Photo by azado
azado x SHB Details 2
The grill's handles have also been detailed with Monogram Canvas. / Photo by azado

The work was done by a professional saddler, who drew up a plan and made use of the coated fabric with millimeter precision. Nice detail: on the plate is now attached the plate with the codewhich still tells about the origin and date of manufacture of the underlying Bag gives information.

azado x SHB Details 3
On one of the corners can now be seen the date of manufacture of the Bag in this case March 1989 / Photo by azado
azado x SHB Details 3
The handles are covered with the canvas. Details of leather and also the old rings complete the picture / Photo by azado

The stitching was done with an original coated Louis Vuitton threadas it is also used in the production of Louis Vuitton bags. This was done to ensure the robustness of the seams and thus the durability of the covers. In addition, the yarn with its color fastness provides an authentic look. It does not get any better than this.

azado x SHB: A few impressions from the manufactory:

azado x SHB progress 1
Another cut, this is going to be a hit! The Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 is unraveled and returned to the shape of its original cut parts! / Photo by azado
azado x SHB progress 2
What belongs together, must now and then first go separate ways: The Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 is prepared for its new task! / Photo by azado
azado x SHB progress 3
What a board! The board was made with the canvas of the Bag covered, the straps made of Vachetta leather manage to keep the typical Louis Vuitton Monogram look! / Photo by azado

We are happy to once again think outside the box and are very proud to have been able to contribute to this absolutely unique grill in the world.

azado's grills combine the centuries-old Argentinian tradition of grilling ("asado" in Spanish) with the technical novelties of our Western culture. Andreas and his team at azado have been doing their best for more than 10 years, to fulfill the absolute barbecue dream and are the perfect contact for all barbecue questions!

If you are interested in this unique tailor made azado grill, visit azado.ch you will find all information about the azado 55K and all other available models. All other grills of the company also skillfully combine high craftsmanship, luxury and passion and are an enrichment for every grill fan!

We wish everyone a good start to the spring including the barbecue season!

With best regards,

Your Secondhandbags team!

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